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Jerry Lawler

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Real name: Jerry Lawler
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 236 lbs.
Date of birth: November 29, 1949
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Pro debut: 1970
Trained by: Jackie Fargo
Finishing move: Pile Driver


– Lawler won a battle royal in September 1971 to be recognized as the Tri-State Champion.
– On March 28, 1973, Lawler and Jim White, managed by Sam Bass, defeated Jackie Fargo in a handicap match to win the Southern tag team title. The Lawler-White combo captured four tag team titles together.
– Lawler also captured the NWA Southern tag team title with partners Tojo Yamamoto (twice), Stan Frazier, Bill Dundee, Jose LeDuc, Austin Idol, Giant Hillbilly Elmer, and Big Bubba (Tugboat).
– Between 1974-1987, Lawler captured an astonishing forty-two NWA Southern titles. The title was unified on December 7, 1987. Lawler defeated Jerry Jarrett and Manny Fernandez for the newly created USWA (United States Wrestling Association) title.
– Lawler won the USWA title twenty seven times between 1988 and 1997.
– On May 4, 1974, Lawler and Steve Kovac claimed the United States Junior tag team title.
– Lawler and Fargo captured the United States tag team title on November 19, 1975, in Nashville, TN.
– Lawler relieved Billy Graham of the CWA World title on November 12, 1979 in Memphis, TN.
– In 1980, “The King” suffered a broken leg and missed several months of action.
– On April 5, 1982, “The King” squared off with the late comedic actor Andy Kaufman. Lawler delivered two pile drivers, leaving the actor in the hospital.
– On July 29, 1982, Lawler and Kaufman had their infamous incident on the “Late Show with David Letterman.”
– Between 1983-86, Lawler defeated Austin Idol, Ken Patera, and Dundee for AWA International titles.
– “The King” pinned Randy Savage on April 12, 1984 for the NWA Mid-America title.
– The King took a rare Japanese tour in the fall of 1985.
– Lawler defeated Lars Anderson for the Polynesian Pacific title on January 25, 1986 in Singapore.
– In October 1987, Lawler and Dundee captured two AWA World Tag Team title.
– On May 9, 1988, “The King” defeated Curt Hennig in Memphis for the AWA title.
– Lawler pinned Kerry Von Erich on December 13, 1988 to unify the AWA and World Class titles.
– “The King” and Jeff Jarrett captured five USWA Tag Team titles.
– Lawler pinned Kerry Von Erich on December 15, 1989, for the USWA Texas title in Dallas, TX.
– In 1993, Lawler joined the WWF.
– At the 1994 Survivor Series in San Antonio, Lawler, Sleezy, Queasy, and Cheesy defeated Dink, Doink, Pink, and Wink.
– “The King” defeated Bret Hart at the May 1995 “In Your House.”
– On January 28, 1995, Lawler defeated the Dirty White Boy for the Smoky Mountain Wrestling (SMW) title in Knoxville, TN.
– Lawler interfered in the Hart-Isaac Yankem (Kane) match at the 1995 Summerslam.
– At Summerslam ’96, Lawler defeated Jake “The Snake” Roberts in Cleveland, OH.
– Lawler debated ECW owner Paul Heyman on March 10, 1997, during an episode of “Raw.”
– “The King,” and long time partner Bill Dundee, captured the Power Pro Wrestling tag team title from Kid Wikkid and Derrick King on April 17, 1999.
– On the August 7, 2000 episode of “Raw” in Madison Square Garden, Lawler defended Jim Ross’s honor by clobbering an out of control Tazz. The two had a pull apart the following night at the Smackdown! television taping.
– At Summerslam 2000 in Raleigh, NC, Lawler, with the assistance of his broadcast cohort Jim Ross, defeated Tazz.
– On September 29, 2000, Lawler married Stacy Carter (The Kat) in Las Vegas, NV.
– On February 27, 2001, the WWF web site announced that The Kat had been released by the WWF. It was also announced Lawler had left in the company in protest.
– In October 2001, Lawler embarked on a tour of Australia with such superstars as Jeff Jarrett, Konnan, and Bret Hart.
– On November 2, 2001, Lawler defeated The Bruiser in Chestertown, MD to capture the MCW (Maryland Championship Wrestling) title.
– Lawler returned to the WWF as a color commentator on the November 19, 2001 edition of “Raw” in Charlotte, NC.
– On May 1, 2002, Lawler and Trish Stratus defeated Mr. Perfect and Molly Holly in Cologne, Germany.
– On June 1, 2002, Lawler defeated “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes in Nashville, TN.
– On the December 23, 2002 edition of “Raw,” “The King” teamed with Jim Ross to defeat Lance Storm and William Regal, thanks to some outside interference from the Dudley Boyz.
– Lawler defeated Terry Funk on April 12, 2003 in Woodbridge, NJ in a blood bath.
– On November 8, 2003 in Secaucus, NJ, Lawler defeated Al Snow to capture the JAP (Jersey All Pro Wrestling) title.
– At the “Birthday Bash for Jerry Lawler” in Memphis on November 29, 2003, “The King” and son Brian Lawler defeated Dutch Mantel and Doug Gilbert.
– At New Year’s Revolution ’06, Lawler defeated Gregory Helms.
– Lawler was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by William Shatner on March 31, 2007 in Detroit, MI.
– On September 1, 2008, Lawler was inducted into the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame.
– At WWE over the Limit ’11, Lawler defeated Michael Cole.

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