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Real name: David Michael Batista
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 325 lbs.
Date of birth: January 18, 1969
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Pro debut: 1997
Trained by: Wild Samoan Afa
Finishing move: Batisa Bomb


– On July 11, 1999, Gillberg issues an open challenge. Batista, competing without a ring name, expected and quickly defeated Gillberg in seconds before heading back to the locker room.
– Batista worked for the WXW promotion, a group ran by Wild Samoan Afa, and finally assumed a ring name in October 1999, Kahn.
– On October 30, 1999, in his ring debut from the WXW group, Kahn defeated Southtown Joe.
– In February 2000, Batista signed a WWF developmental deal.
– In summer 2000, Batista was assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling, and assumed the new ring Leviathan as part of the Disciples of Synn.
– On December 13, 2000, Leviathan upset the WWE’s Kane.
– In May 2001, Leviathan started working dark matches.
– On October 24, 2001, Leviathan defeated Val Venis on an OVW show.
– Leviathan defeated “The Machine” Doug Basham on November 28, 2001 in Jefferson, IN to claim the OVW Heavyweight title.
– On January 16, 2002, Leviathan successfully defended the OVW title against D-Lo Brown.
– Leviathan won a battle royal on March 2, 2002 in Indianapolis, IN.
– On March 30, 2002, Leviathan made short work of Bruiser Graham at the Tojo Yamamoto Memorial Show.
– Batista made his WWE debut on May 9, 2002. He became Deacon Batista; the side-kick of Reverend D-Von (Dudley).
– A short time later, the Deacon gimmick was dropped, and he assumed the ring name Batista. Outside the ring, Batista signed a new WWE contract.
– On the August 15, 2002 edition of “Smackdown,” Batista is spotted tossing D-Von on the floor in the backstage area.
– Three weeks later, Batista made short work on the Rev. D-Von in a match.
– Batista switched to the Raw roster on November 4, 2002, and changed his ring name to Dave Batista.
– On the November 25, 2002 episode of “Raw,” Batista used outside interference from Ric Flair to defeat Kane.
– The following week on “Raw,” Batista, with Flair in his corner, Batista defeated The Hurricane in Austin, TX.
– At Armageddon ’02, Batista defeated Kane.
– In January 2003, Batista joined Triple H and Randy Orton in the formation of a new faction – Evolution.
– In February 2003, Batista suffered a torn bicep injury.
– At Armageddon ’03, Batista and Flair defeated the Dudley Boyz in a “tag team turmoil” match to capture the World Tag Team title in Orlando, FL.
– Batista and Flair successfully defended the World Tag Team title against the Dudley Boyz in a “tables” match at the 2004 Royal Rumble.
– On February 7, 2004 in Saitama, Japan, Batista and Flair beat the Dudley Boyz to successfully defend the World Tag Team title.
– At Wrestlemania XX in New York, NY, Evolution (Batista, Flair and Orton) defeated Mick Foley and The Rock.
– On the March 22, 2004 edition of “Raw,” Batista and Flair defeated Booker T and Rob Van Dam to regain the World Tag Team title in Detroit, MI.
– At Vengeance ’04, Batista defeated Chris Jericho.
– Batista eliminated John Cena to win the 2005 Royal Rumble in Fresno, CA.
– At Wrestlemania 21 in Los Angeles, CA, Batista defeated Triple H to capture the World Heavyweight title.
– At Backlash ’05, Batista defeated Triple H to retain the World Heavyweight title.
– Batista defeated Triple H at the 2005 Vengeance PPV in Las Vegas to retain the World Heavyweight title in a “hell in a cell” match.
– At Summerslam ’05, Batista defeated JBL in a no holds barred match to retain the World Heavyweight title.
– At No Mercy ’05, Batista defeated Eddy Guerrero to retain the World Heavyweight title.
– Batista (replacing Steve Austin) defeated Jonathan Coachman in a “streetfight” match at Taboo Tuesday ’05.
– At the November 8, 2005 Smackdown tapings, Batista suffered a torn latisimus dorsi.
– At the December 13, 2005 Smackdown tapings in Springfield, MA, Batista and Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated MNM for the WWE Tag Team title.
– On January 12, 2006, Batista underwent tricep surgery. As a result of his injury, Batista was forced to surrender the World Heavyweight title.
– At Survivor Series ’06 in Philadelphia, PA, Batista defeated King Booker to regain the World Heavyweight title.
– Batista and John Cena defeated Finlay and Booker T at Armageddon ’06.
– Batista defeated Mr. Kennedy to retain the World title at the 2007 Royal Rumble.
– At Unforgiven ’07, Batista defeated The Great Khali and Rey Mysterio Jr. to to regain the World Heavyweight title.
– At No Mercy ’07, Batista defeated The Great Khali in a “Punjabi Prison” match to retain the World title.
– Batista defeated The Undertaker at Cyber Sunday ’07 to retain the World title. Steve Austin was the special guest referee.
– Thanks to Edge’s interference, Batista defeated The Undertaker in a “hell in the cell” match at the 2007 Survivor Series to retain the World Heavyweight title.
– Batista defeated Umaga at Wrestlemania XXIV.
– At One Night Stand ’08, Batista defeated Shawn Michaels in a “stretcher” match.
– Batista was drafted to the Raw roster on June 23, 2008.
– On the August 4, 2008 edition of Raw, Batista and John Cena defeated Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes for the World Tag Team titles in Knoxville, TN.
– Batista defeated John Cena at the 2008 Summerslam.
– Batista defeated JBL at No Mercy ’08 to become the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.
– At Cyber Sunday ’08, Batista defeated Chris Jericho in Phoenix, AZ to capture the World Heavyweight title. Steve Austin was the special guest referee.
– At Armageddon ’08, Batista pinned Randy Orton.
– At Extreme Rules ’09 in New Orleans, LA, Batista defeated Orton in a steel cage match to capture the WWE title.
– On the September 14, 2009 edition of “Raw,” Batista announced he was moving over to Smackdown.
– At Survivor Series ’09, Batista defeated Rey Mysterio.
– Moments after John Cena won the WWE title at Elimination Chamber ’10 in St. Louis, MO, Batista pinned him to claim the WWE title.
– On October 6, 2012, Batista won his MMA debut defeating MMA veteran Vince Lucero in the first round after the referee stopped the fight with just over a minute to go.
– In early 2014, Batista returned to WWE.
– On January 20, 2014, Batista returned to Raw, confronting WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton.
– Batista entered and won the 2014 Royal Rumble.
– At Elimination Chamber ’14, Batista defeated Alberto Del Rio.
– At WrestleMania XXX, Daniel Bryan defeated Batista & Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title.
– The next night on Raw, Batista & Orton fought WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) to a double countout.
– At Extreme Rules ’14, The Shield (Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose) defeated Evolution (Triple H, Batista & Randy Orton).
– At Payback ’14, The Shield defeated Evolution in a No Holds Barred Elimination Match.
– The next night on Raw, Batista quit Evolution and left the WWE once more.

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